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A nonprofit production company celebrating ​ intersections of the arts.

We pay for our production expenses through both ticket sales and your generous support. Help us produce more events and pay our artists by making a tax deductible donation below!

Our  Mission

We are dedicated to building a community of POC and LGBTQ artists and to highlighting these intersecting artist identities by producing multi-medium art shows and performances that feature original work by new and emerging artists.


We're making it easier to meet your muses.

Our  Next  Event

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Our third event, the Muses Spring Screening, showcased the short films of emerging screenwriters hailing from both NYU and Wesleyan University. Following, we hosted a talkback with the featured artists while we feasted on vegan banana bread and more of producer Phoebe's loaded brownies! 

Our second event, the Muses March Jam, featured 2 short plays, 3 musical sets, and our first ever open mic. You all delivered! We also offered our guests producer Phoebe's loaded oreo brownies (don't worry, those will definitely be making a reappearance at future events!). Listen to the March Jam's artist-curated playlist on our Spotify by clicking the icon on the left sidebar!

Our first event, the January Art Jam, came only a few tickets away from selling out. Held at the New Women Space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, our first art jam featured visual art, poetry, and music. Our closing act, video art by solYchaski, combined all of these mediums in a 19-minute film. Listen to our January Art Jam playlist by clicking on the Spotify icon on the left sidebar!

About  The Producers

Phoebe Holden 

is an actor, writer, and producer. She is an NYU graduate with a BFA in Drama as well as minors in Producing and in Entertainment Business. She identifies as a queer womxn of colour and believes that queerness and being a person of colour are both heavily related identities that deserve to be discussed and celebrated.

Screenshot 2019-01-26 at 4.47.51 PM.png

Bridgette Kontner

is studying Music Business at the NYU Steinhardt School with a minor in Producing. She produces shows in NYC and believes that music and arts have an unparalleled ability to unite people towards something powerful and change things for the better.




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